Writing About Your Photography Work

Many of my students as me how they can make their photographs better. Usually, my answer is "put it into words". When you write words about your photography it lets a different part of your brain engage in the creative process. Jotting down notes about your creative...

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Evaluating Photographs and Making Editing Decisions

Every photograph is unique and each image will require different enhancements to make the photograph look its best. However, there are common criteria to use when evaluating your image to determine what enhancements should be made. Many of these decisions are...

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Photoshop Blending Modes

LIST OF BLENDING MODES From Photoshop CS2 Help A layer or painting tool's blending mode determines how its pixels blend with underlying pixels in the image. You can create a variety of special effects using blending modes. To specify a blending mode for a layer or...

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