Next workshop: Photography as Fine Art

On March 2 I’m leading a workshop at Jurys Inn Hinckley Island hotel near Hinckley/Nuneaton, East Midlands UK. We’ll cover everything that’s required to create, produce and sell photographic art of the highest quality. This workshop is suitable for photographers working at all levels and across all genres.

Get the details and register here

Making fine art prints for Colorado exhibition

I’ve recently produced a set of fine prints for an exhibition of work by photographer Ron Cooper, based in Colorado, USA. The show features twenty prints at 8×12 inches and two at 13.4×16.75 inches.

I made the prints using the fantastic Epson SureColor SC-P800 printer. Following intensive tests to determine the ideal paper for these beautiful monochrome images, I selected Fotospeed’s NST Bright White Signature paper which provided deep, rich blacks, smooth tonal gradations and very fine, sharp detail. I made all the prints on A2 paper, which is the largest sheet size the P800 handles.

I specialise in making fine art prints for photographers and other artists, and can help you produce your next exhibition or make prints for competitions. Contact me for details.

My interview on Take & Talk Pics


Rob Krueger at Take & Talk Pics and I recently recorded a conversation in which we talked about about ‪‎art‬‪‎photography‬, business‬ and life‬.

If you’d like to find out more about my work, my background and philosophy listen to the 30-minute recording here.

New Artist Statement – Insight into passion and process

I’ve recently completed a major overhaul of my main Artist Statement.

For all artists, working in any medium, writing about our work is an essential practice that carries surprising power. The artist statement is usually written after producing the visual works, as a way to explain the motivation and rationale behind the work. Often, collections, series and bodies of work may have their own individual statements. Sometimes a statement will be written in advance, to guide the production of a series.

The process of creating a statement also has incredible informative value toward the production of future work. When we dig deep to find answers, the process of writing our main Artist Statement can be challenging—to say the least. I reckon my current version underwent at least three dozen revisions. Below is one of my later drafts, before I really started the severe edits that resulted in the final version.

(I’m sharing this draft because this gives deep insight into how and why I do what I do, and why I’ve chosen this path in life. Much of this material was cut for the final, concise version; still some people might be interested in more detail…)

As always, thanks for your interest in my work, and please get in touch if you have any questions or there’s anything I can help you with. — Cheers, Nat


Visual beauty and good design influence our happiness and well-being. Beauty can be found everywhere, but it’s not always obvious. Contemplating abstract imagery is beneficial for our minds.

My work is about discovering, sharing and appreciating the captivating, interesting and surprising imagery that can be found in any kind of place, natural or manmade. read more…

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